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    Liquid developed in close collaboration with a big laboratory and making d French aromas,The choice of this laboratory guarantees a product strictly checked(controlled),AQUA PERMANENS is the fruit of long working months,We can reveal notes(marks) tobaccos, a french vanilla, close to a custard, to a creamy caramel, and a note(mark) there trés light of...

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  • This heat-shrinkable girdle of size perfectly adapted to all your batteries 18650, allows to reassure them with a new membrane of PVC. This girdle is essential for the safety once your former wrap damaged and settles down very quickly.One fields white will allow you to mark and to spot your video batteries of implementation in the description made by...

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  • magnet néodyme of change for switch v4 or v5 (sold in separately) the models are different

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    You buy a mod which is not made yet, you have the possibility of making up(composing) your mod, with either without "lace" or a little more copper cogs to see not at all, etcThank you for indicating quite your demand(request) in comments( Available optional engraving in l tab accessories 5€) 6 weeks of deadlines(extensions) max during special...

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    Attention plan until 6 weeks of deadlines To personalize your mod please make you here, tab customizationThank you for indicating on your order the name of your future mod has the order attention: all the engravings are not possible on carbon, the project can not be accepted

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    Optional engraving Engraving under the switch, thank you for specifying for an engraving on the tube.Any customization(personalization) cancels the return / refund (see details of the product).

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     in carbon ,Robustness, grip, conductivity, design, everything is there, a timeless mod which will be jealous by your friends to vapoteurEngraving in the massFloating pine, copper Contacts, Manufactured in France, lockable Switch 1/4 of tour(tower,ballot)Attention plan 1 has 2 weeks of deadlines(extensions)

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