The customization(personalization), how ca walk(work)?
- for a personalized engraving, it is enough to join on the dedicated forum
- to create his account (he must be activated by an admin)
- to create a comment in the dedicated section (it is enough to indicate a theme or to give one or several images)
- place the order
- Continuation(suite) has it, I would begin has to work on the drawing, jusqu ' has what is advisable to you
- once finishes the mod will be sent to you as any command(order)

What kind(genre) d images for my customization(personalization)?
- Photos cannot be exploitable
- Drawings must be very contrasted
- Only the black and the white is exploitable
- The image must be good quality
- L image has to be of sufficient(self-important) size

You will find many more examples
On the forum intended for the customizations(personalizations).
You can acceder has this forum directly via it
Site or by clicking here